If it was worth posting, it is worth yeahing

—Rosaline's philosophy.

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Rosaline's miis
NNID Dinonadoop
Age 14
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi. U Community
Followers 296+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday February 8
Alts JonTronBae

Rosaline was a Miiverse user who yeahed anything on Miiverse. He has over 1000 followers.  He is also a secret Game Grump. He is JonTron. And a Space Ninja

Space Ninja Pirate AKA Rosaline

A Space Ninja Pirate, AKA Rosaline.


A drawing of Rosaline for his 650th follow.


His Mii resembles the artstyle in Game Grumps. Rosaline was also the user who told the Smashers to move to the Wii Fit U Community, because of the false reporters and kids that were in the The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Rosaline once pulled a Marioman57 and got banned.  His Wii U is also console banned due to the Hylians. Rosaline is currently 14, His account can be viewed here

She's actually a he. He was one of the smashers from the first smash community like The Bard and Nostalgic. He is still on Miiverse today but is less active. He is known for being funny and also friendly.

However, he eventually got annoyed with all the Smashers and then decided to only post in the activity feed. Rosaline later banned himself on purpose and left Miiverse.
ShamWow (Full Length)

ShamWow (Full Length)

Rosaline' s theme song: