3pz64qs42pmej normal face
NNID Robot1456
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Solomon's Key Community, Ice Climbers Community, etc.
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Tails

SP103 Winter Hungrybox Mango Dr.PP Ninja

SP101 is a Miiverse user who created the SP Clan. His first post was him claiming to be superior to the human race.


SP Clan

Gaining a massive amount of Members in just a few hours, he started attacking communities, and claimed them as his own. Taking over communities just led to a bunch of SP flag posts getting spammed in the affected communities. He appointed co-leaders such as Bamboo and SolMerse.

For weeks the clan went strong and even had a few allies. Their only real enemies were stray fighters and the 'Stache Crew, the leader of which was Jonathon.


In the end, the 'Stache Crew and SP decided to merge and create the LoMM. This was created to stop trolls and false reporters, however SP grew tired of it and departed from the group. This was not his initial intent. Miiverse members and SP had many conflicts during this time, leading to many false reports. People have stated that the LoMM claims to be about general peace, and have fought SP when provoked.


SP101 used many alts such as Tails, SP103, Winter, Hungrybox, Mango, Dr.PP, Ninja, and MANY others, all of which eventually got permabanned, leading to a console ban. Thing were looking grim for SP, so the clan went on a hiatus. However, SP came back using his 3ds account. Eventually however, the account, like many others, got banned.


SP101 later bought a second Wii U just to get back on Miiverse. He quickly revived the SP Clan, got his old allies and new ones, and tried again. SP declared war on LoMM. SP101 would usually call them the LoFR (League of False Reporters). He later got perma banned again, but his alts lasted much longer this time.

SP101 was later betrayed by Dark Force (Mr.Up) and New Dred Army (Righan Red). He was later perma banned again but not consoled.

Life as Captain Falcon and #SaveMiiverse

He later created a new account called Captain Falcon. Claiming to have given up on the SP Clan he just became an average everyday user. He then founded the cause to stop the three minute wait for comments, and started the trending #SaveMiiverse. He was later Console banned. Until months later when he came back as his 3ds account named Alex. Since then, he has come and gone, but stays pretty in touch with the LoMM as friends.


SP eventually came back with his 3DS account named Alex months later. Since then, he has come and gone, but stays pretty in touch with the LoMM as friends.

SP101/Zhu/Alex has stated he will buy a 3rd Wii U just for Miiverse, and will revive the SP clan, however it will be for good this time. He has stated SP was a test he did to see how people would react, and his test succeeded. The legacy of SP still lives on however.

SP101's Infamous Quotes

  • "Krystal is so sexy......mmmmmmmmm"
  • "100101010101100101010110111011"
  • "Does anyone know how to hide a body?"
  • "Melee>Brawl"
  • "PUT IT IN" (Made by the user Bamboo.)