SSJ Nerd
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NNID I_Mean_2_Girls
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Community Wii Fit U Community
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS

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Wake up from your dreams.

—SSJ Nerd

SSJ Nerd (NNID: I_Mean_2_Girls), (Sometimes known as just 'Nerd' or on certain accounts, 'Derpy Nerd') is a popular Miiverse user that is often seen within the Smash Bros. community. He claims that he likes Nutella. He left Miiverse on 7/23/14, but he was back on 2/29/15. He is now permabanned. He also is a huge Super Saiyan fanboy, as you can tell by his name.


SSJ Nerd joined Miiverse May of 2013 and regrets it ever since. Before we was the Nerd, he was known as "Nevada". Both of his accounts with that same name were banned.


  • "Wake up from your dreams"
  • "Hatty is a scary 2 year old"
  • "Shadow Sucks"
  • "lil"


  • He has a Youtube account called "Nevada the Smasher"
  • Has been included in a ship called "Pheonix X SSJ Nerd"
  • hates Shadow the hedgehog from the Sonic series a lot.
  • Doesn't like memes besides only the most perfect MLG ones. 
  • He's also been accused of killing 23 admins.
  • Created "Miiverse in a Nutshell"

Current Accounts

SSJ Nerd was console-banned just recently and was temporarily banned once more. His latest and current account is SSJ_Comeback. He's now using Miiverse for the 3DS since he was console banned on his WIIU