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Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

Shrek was an icon to the Smashers. Throughout Smasher history, Shrek had been a legendary deity who has had a huge impact on Miiverse. His popularity came from, along with the infamous internet terms: 'Ogrelord' and 'Shrekism'.

Miiverse Shrekism originated in the Scribblenauts Unlimited Community, then made its way to the Golf Community, and finally spreading to the legendary Super Smash Bros. Series Community. A user who posted in the Scribblenauts Communtiy named Sleesus made a few posts about Shrek, which somehow became a recurring meme to the community's inhabitants. The Shrek meme then proceeded to spread throughout Miiverse, causing many conflicts and events. The Shrek meme found its way into the Smash Bros. Community, where it began to prosper and gain popularity.


Shrek was often viewed as a God-like being on Miiverse. Many people make posts stating "Shrek is love, Shrek is life", which is a sort of prayer to Shrek. Countless users on Miiverse had dedicated their posts and Miis to the ogre, and even more people have been banned by the Miiverse Admins for their strange beliefs. In the completely unofficial Bigley Bible, Shrek is described as all-powerful and wise. He has an epic battle with the massive Bigley and creates the Great Bigley Bang, which somehow results in the creation of Miiverse. Shrek's so-called 'religion' had proven to be both a blessing and a curse to Miiverse over the years.

Effect on Miiverse

The Shrek meme caused some users to create new NNIDs or change their Miis to Shrek-like characters. Good examples of these respectively are MileyCyrus, Mr.Brogre, and the NNID Shrek4Smash2014. Unfortunately, by mid 2014 the meme had become less frequent and by the prior to the release of the Smash Bros 3DS and the ending of the Smash series community, the meme was almost forgotten. However the meme is still pretty well remembered by many different users and had sometimes made comebacks. In 2015 the meme had started to slowly fade, and was considered unfunny to most users who once used the meme. After the Miiverse Redesign and most Off-topic posters and Smashers moved to the New Super Luigi. U Community, the Shrek meme had mostly been forgotten.


  • Shrek was one of the oldest memes used on Miiverse
  • The fact that Shrek and Miiverse are both green is proof that Shrek created the heavens and the earth
  • Prayer rhymes with "Layer"
  • Many users consider the Shrek meme unfunny and creepy
  • Shrek was nearly forgotten on Miiverse
  • Shrek and Bigley are virtually equally powerful
  • People who worshiped Shrek prefered to be called 'Shrekists' or 'Brogres'

Gallery of Shrek

SHREK THE MUSICAL - Bring Home the Magic on Blu-ray & DVD!

SHREK THE MUSICAL - Bring Home the Magic on Blu-ray & DVD!

Broadway officially became awesome.

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