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The SmashyClub is a legion of past and present Miiverse users together formed by Heropon. Only certain users are allowed in on the Smashyness.

Heropon's creation

On the eighth day, God created Miiverse. He then created the users to call Miiverse their home. God, feeling sorry for Satan, allowed him to create the Admins, hoping that Satan wouldn't do something evil. The Admins were evil. They caused chaos all over Miiverse.

Heropon, was once a regular user until he realized that He was special. He forged the Smashy Club with his bare hands. The final turnout was very #Smashy.

The Miiverse Massacre

On June 19th, 2014, a group of Smashy Club members directed several Tidus laughs at the admins. The admins stood there and took the laughs, until a user by the name of ~Ian~Sama~ started reporting false violations. The admins took this as a signal, and threw their notifications at Smashy Club. This event resulted in the banning of 12 users. This event became known as The Miiverse Massacre.


Heropon created SmashyClub for other sane users to join. Users like Tidus, Patrick, Mike, Zack, Jake, David and Zaily joined the ranks of Smashy. After a while it became a thriving community.

Mike's City

Mike built a city. A city of Smashy. He invited more users to join The SmashyClub like Gavin, Mario, Trey, Jason, Issac, Anthony and Golden~San.

Turtle Knight

A travelling nomad named The Turtle Knight, stumbled into the SmashyClub City. The users welcomed him and he is now a fellow SmashyClub member.

The Miguel Crisis

Miguel was an evil troll who infiltrated into Smashy Club City with the kidnapped RighanRed, hoping to convince him to troll with him. Righan declined and went of to explore the city.

MiguelXPatrick OTP All jokes aside, Miguel was a rude person to Patrick. This feud became so bad that Patrick left Smashy Club City for good. So Mike took his War Hammer, nicknamed "The Ban Hammer," and smashed him into oblivion. Miguel was never seen again.

A New #Smashy Era

After the death of Miguel, Patrick never left SmashyClub. He was just hiding in his attic until the other users helped cheer him up.

New Members

Zoe, Yuki, Edwin, Sauce, Nick, Mr. Left, Finland, Magikarp, and other users were invited to the city.


A Miiverse user named Magus or Bluekirby2 had heard about SmashyClub from his friends, Patrick and Mario, so he crashed the City and forced his way in.


Another Miiverse user named Joseph heard about the place from many people, and he was invited to the City soon after. And then the peace continued until...

...SmashyClub vs. Swag Team


SmashyClub City. (As seen from Swag Team City over the Miiverse river)

The nearby Kingdom of Swag Team declared war on The SmashyClub, so the Club responded with violent action.


Evan was a former Swag Team member until he joined SmashyClub, but only to give out the secrets of the City to the Swag Team. Evan was banished from the city until the crisis was ended. After 7 years of fighting, the two Kingdoms signed a treaty to end the fighting. Evan proved his loyalty to the SmashyClub and was invited back to the city.
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The battle of The Smash Bros Community. The SmashyForces in Blue and the Royal Swag Army in Red

After The War

Users Daniel4297, Burgandy and others were invited to the city. ZailyXDavid was proven canon and general Smashyness was around them. Anthony became addicted to Space Dandy and RighanRed became addicted to Slam Remixes.

The Resurrection

Welcome to rapture by karbonkirby-d48xg90

SmashyClub City after some renovations.

The God of Miiverse himself, Hatty was invited to SmashyClub. But Hatty is dead.

The Admins of SmashyClub resurrected his entity to be successful. Hatty was reborn.

The Birth of Admins

Mike, founder of Smashy City, knew that the citizens needed more protection than he could give. He choose three citizens from the city, and bestowed unto them adminship. The three were known as Heropon the Founder, Kev the Knowledgeable, and Zack the Friend. These three helped to protect all that was Smashy in Smashy City.

The Civil War/Shit-Storm

For the longest time, Smashy City had been run by invision. However, the admins decided to change to zetaboards. This upset some users, as they did not like the new layout, so a member of Smashy made a new independent forum, Smashy Land. This caused a huge shit-storm, and eventually broke out into a civil war. However, all was forgiven in the end, although some members were still scarred by the impact of the war.

Members of SmashyClub

This is a concise list of the SmashyClub members on Le Miiverse.

  • Edwin: The Shreky
  • Hatty: The Hatty
  • Jazz: The Blue
  • Rob: The Human
  • YukiMei: The Sweetart
  • Zaily: The Bae
  • Zoe: The Crystal
  • Magus: The Ringabel
  • Noteworthy: The Honk
  • Dov: The Shitposter
  • Sakucat: That one person who tries to calm people down.