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NNID Dude123
Age 14
Joined December 26th, 2012
Community New Super Luigi U. Community
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu

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Birthday January 10th
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Dazant (formerly Dewd and SpaceJunk) is a 14-year-old Smasher who joined Miiverse on December 26th, 2012. He's mostly known for making pointless livestreams on YouTube, which show him playing Super Smash Bros, singing the DK Rap. He also created Five Nights at Miiverse. He is mostly known for MiiWorld, which is a forum that is very similar to Miiverse and has 150+ members. He was originally known as "Dude," but around January 2015 he made the big switch and became known as "Dewd." He then switched his name to "Spacejunk" in December 2015. He also moved the Smashers to the Nintendo TVii Community for a day. In February 2016 he was consolebanned, but later came back under the username "Dazant." Today, he makes a few posts per day.


  • His full name is Dewd B. Hawtburn LXIX (formerly)
  • His favorite game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • He is the the best dabber ever. He is literally the Dabb King. (Michaela is actually better than him, shhh)


  • ZlCfzTFUzZ4s5J6jcg

    Dewd's current favorite post.

    "I'm a 'dewd,' not a 'dude.'"
  • ''"Are you a boiler or a grill?"
  • "When life gives you lemons, you track down life's address, go to life's house, beat the shit out of life, bury life in your backyard, and dance on life's grave. Moral of the story? Don't eat lemons."

    Dewd's favorite post on his alt.

  • "As a gamer, I must say that System Settings is by far one of the best games I've ever played. Not only does it have amazing gameplay, it also has great controls, and an amazing story. However, I wouldn't reccommend it to casual gamers, as some parts are very difficult, especially the final boss. Despite the difficulty of the game, I still think everyone should play it."


Spacejunk's livestreams have earned from 7 viewers to 100 viewers. Here's a list of those livestreams:

Hai Miiverse - February 29th 2015

Hai again - February 29th 2015

Hai Miiverse I'm doing stuff - February 29th 2015

Dewd Plays: Five Nights at Miiverse 1 - Part 1 (LIVESTREAM!) - August 19th 2015

These livestreams have all been privated and are no longer availab.e

Game Development

Dazant started out game developing in April with Five Nights at Miiverse in 2015. The game became very successful, so he made a sequel, Five Nights at Miiverse 2. The sequel became even more successful, so once again, he made Five Nights at Miiverse 3. He was going to end the series there, but then four months later, Five Nights at Miiverse 4 came out. Some people have criticized the game, but most people like the series. In 2016, all of the games were taken down.


On June 24th, the Miiverse Genocide update was announced. AceChaos made a post saying that someone could make a forum like Miiverse. After seeing the post, Dazzant decided to make MiiWorld. The site started out small with only a few members, but it only grew after time. It now has more than 150 members! But after a month, another Miiverse forum, Newverse, got taken down for copyright. A day after, MiiWorld got reported for copyright. This caused the admins to change MiiWorld's name to SmashFeed. Later in early 2016, SmashFeed was abandoned.


On February 11th, 2016, SpaceJunk got console banned. He then went on to reveal his identity as Lonesome, aka the guy who spammed his wife Helen left him for a guy named Derek. He said a final goodbye and then retreated to Twitter, Discord and Skype.

However, he later came back under the name "Dazant." He makes posts fairly often and usually are more on-topic.