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Sponge is a meme that was created by Vinesauce. Sponge is a resident of Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life island called Vineland. He is apparenty the 3rd Mario brother who was neglected form being too depressed. He seriously puts the S in sponge and in sadness.

In late 2016, a user named Sponge arrived at the NSLUC and claimed to have come to beat his depression with the help of his brother, Pretzel. His posts consisted of occasional shit-posting and almost-always talking about how depressed he was.
Did You Know -Vinesauce- - Sponge

Did You Know -Vinesauce- - Sponge

Credit to this video.


  • The only thing that makes Sponge happy is his favorite food, herring.
  • He has only one friend, David Bowie.
  • Clown Lady is his Girlfriend.
  • His mustache is said to soak up "sadness".
  • He likes to wear horns. If he gets tired of one, he just puts another one on his head.
  • His full name is actually Spondiage.
  • He has a brother named Pretzel.
  • Sponge has a song called "The Ballad of Sponge."
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