We, Team Plasma, are an organization ready to make Miiverse more exciting.

Team Plasma
Date Started December 2015
Date Ended March 1st, 2016
Community Wii Sports Club series communities
Notable Users Involved The Seven Sages
Team Plasma was a clan founded and lead by LELBeouf and Dark One. The clan was originally created to start a genocide on the Zelda users, but was changed to make Miiverse more entertaining for users.

Team Plasma was officially disbanded on March 1st, 2016 when LELBeouf was a victim of being banned. The clan soon fell apart and was forced to ally with other clans.


The name 'Team Plasma' was inspired by Pokémon's villainous team of the same name. The goal of Team Plasma in the Pokémon series is to 'liberate' Pokémon and humans so the villainous leader Ghetsis can conquer the region, being the only one to have Pokémon. The team has seven leaders, or the Seven Sages, which inspired the hierarchy of the clan.


We, Team Plasma, are an organisation ready to make Miiverse more exciting as we take over communities and support the Youtube & Minecraft communities to make them indestructible.

Team Plasma planned to make Miiverse more exciting. To do that, they had planned to make one of their members a popular user in the Minecraft Community by owning Minecraft Wii U and helping them.

They planned to make Miiverse safe from trolls.


Forming the Seven Sages

The clan began when LELBeouf asked Dark One of he is willing to build a clan from scratch. He agreed and the two began to form their base on Prince Edward Island Club. While LELBeouf tbegan recruiting members from different communities, Dark One began forming operations in their base.

LELBeouf allied with DoD Riley and the Defenders of Darkness, who had access to their base. On one occasion, LELBeouf seen Darth Maul and the Dark Side advertise themselves on NSLU and offered them an alliance with his clan. The clan also allied with The First Order on January 2nd, 2016 to help themselves with their purposes. Thanks to these alliance, Team Plasma potentially became the largest clan in Miiverse, because of the 280 members of The First Order.

Early Wars

This clan was under attack by Team Galactic in mid-December but with the help of the Dark Side clan, the rebellion was destroyed. Recently the user Matthew (Meganium1218) has led a series of unsuccessful spaghetti revolutions on their base (Prince Edward Island Club).

On February 2nd, 2016, Freege pulled a little 'Horseland' invasion, but it was merely for fun, it was mainly a response to LELBeouf's comment, which stated a plan to invade the Colorado Club community. On February 14th, a fake LELBeouf spammed the Prince Edward Island Community in an attempt to trick Team Plasma members into turning against Team Plasma, but it didn't work. On one occasion, the user Mii XD (a former ally of Team Plasma) made a group called the Gati Group to stop Team Plasma. Mii XD was banned afterwards.


The NSLU was suspicious of Team Plasma because they claim they'll "build a wall" around NSLU and YTC to prevent trolling. This plan failed and the clan gained controversy over the communities.

LELBeouf's ban

Team Plasma went to war with SP Clan. Their leader, Denning, spotted a weakness in the clan and permanently banned LELBeouf. He claims it was easy to ban him with the advertisement spam he posted on YTC in attempt to gain recruits. The clan went into crisis as a result.

New Plasma

On March 21, 2016, Former Sage DoD Riley mentioned that someone could be starting a new Team Plasma, though he hasn't said much more about it.

April 1st, 2016 Team Plasma was revived by Dark One. "For some reason I just want to try to give Plasma one more chance all of a sudden." Soon after a vote was held and Team Plasma was brought back once again. Another vote was held again to change the name, The vote ended in favor of DPR, Defenders of the Platinum Restoration but didn't stick well and It's now called Team Plasma/DPR. This time Plasma wouldn't be for chaos, conquest, or glory and I guess not to make things more interesting either. New Team Plasma completely changed their goals into: Stopping False Reporters and Cyber Bullying, Defending their Allies and their communities from being raided. To make things less serious Dark One (Now Dark Hero, NNID: 3-I.S0_qp.Zo-F_i) wanted to bring back "The community side of things".

The clan later rebranded themselves as the Circle of Sovereignty.

The Newer Team Plasma

On may 16th 2017. A user named Alex&3/4 revived Team Plasma. The team now has new members and aims to assert dominance over the Wii Sport Clubs. At this time the Seven Sages are being re-elected. The new Team Plasma only contains 5 members as of now.


Team Plasma had claimed a number of American Wii Sports Club communities.

  • Prince Edward Island Club - served as the community base(Lost to SP Clan and then reclaimed though Lel eventually got it to himself through a Freege and Black Kings alliance)
  • Greece Club - served as their alternative base, was used as the Defenders of Darkness's main base.(Now shared by Freege and the DOD)


The Wall

LELBeouf launched this plan in early 2016.


  • Protect YTC users from getting trolled by NSLU.
  • Stopping trolling to prevent bans.
  • This plan failed as it received controversy.

Operation Plastube Community

LELBeouf launched Operation Plastube last January 5th, 2016.


  • Bring more recruits to Team Plasma.
  • This plan was cancelled when Team Plasma couldn't gain enough members after LELBeouf was banned.

Operation Flashy Traitor

This plan was introduced last January 13th, 2016. 


  • Catching the suspected traitor inside their clan that was speculated to be reporting users.
  • It got cancelled after A Memer created the Beeverse After Dark Meme to challenge it.

Operation Rock Paper Scissors

  • This plan was introduced on January 23rd, 2016


  • Take over Mario Paper Jam Community before the NSLU Community arrives.
  • This plan was cancelled due to the Mario Paper Jam Community being updated.


Team Plasma was ruled by a leader. LELBeouf is its public leader and Dark One is their main leader. He appoints 7 members as the clan's "Seven Sages." When Dark One was banned, LELBeouf handled promotions and demotions.

The members were in a large alliance with such teams as the Dark Side, Team Darkness, the Defenders of Darkness, and others, altogether called the Army of Darkness.

The Seven Sages:

  • LELBeouf - The main leader of the group and the more well known founder of Team Plasma, he planned most of the clan's functions. He planned to start a purge on the Zelda community as an act of revenge, but he changed the plan to making Miiverse more exciting.
  • DoD Riley - the leader of the Defenders of Darkness, he was recruited by LELBeouf and aided in many community wars.
  • Darth Maul (formerly) - from the Dark Side clan, he recruited by LELBeouf. He aided in many community wars and protecting the base. He left Team Plasma after its downfall.
  • Shadowlord - the edgy member of the clan.
  • Phantasma - DoD Riley's sister who helped in many community wars and posting on the NSLU.
  • Count Dooku - old friend of LELBeouf who helped him in managing the clan
  • Plasma (formerly) - dedicated member of Team Plasma. He left the clan for unknown reasons, but was seen testing out some of the Miiverse hacks made by PF2M.

Other Members

  • Stormtrooper (formerly) - from the Dark Side clan, he joined along with Darth Maul. He left due to not being used by the leader as he hoped to be.
  • Mii XD (formerly) - joined Team Plasma, but was suspicious of them so he turned against them. He was banned shortly after his rebellion.
  • Alex&3/4 - Joined and was promoted to a high ranking officer just below the Seven Sages. Was a die hard Plasma and fought against many clans. Eventually received a three month ban defending the minecraft community. One of the only surviving members of team plasma.


  • LELBeouf intended the clan to be like Nazi Germany before the switch to being "for the lulz"
  • LELBeouf spammed the YouTube community to gain members for their clan.
  • Although there were 7 leaders in the clan, LELBeouf was the one that did all of the work to keep it alive, while Dark One did the inner work. Most other sage attempts to do so failed.
  • Team Plasma faced controversy when LELBeouf announced the wall between the YTC and NSLU. Although it was only imaginary, he stated that this will prevent future trolling. 
  • Team Plasma also faced controversy through conquering communities, but LELBeouf stated that he does it like all the other clans.
  • Team Plasma was speculated to have a deeper and dark side, which lead to users targeting the sages and reporting them when it was about making Miiverse exciting.
  • Team Plasma was in no way threatening and wouldn't report a user under any circumstances. This philosophy failed when LELBeouf was banned.
  • LELBeouf once referred to himself as a legit nazi.
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