The Bard
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Bard's Mii.
NNID Main account has likely been either banned or deleted.
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community

The Legend of Zelda Series Community

Super Smash Bros. Series Community

System(s) owned Wii U; System in the Nintendo 3DS family
Birthday Unknown
Alts All his alts have either been abandoned, deleted, or banned

The Bard is a popular Miiverse user who has been console banned many times. The Bard is renowned for his excessive use of hashtags and is best known for starting Miiverse After Dark; after 12:00 AM EST, he used to draw mildly pornographic and suggestive images of various Nintendo characters. He also yeahs many posts, so many consider him a Yeahbomber.


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The Bard has been banned over 40 times. Bard is on his 41st account. After his second account, his other alts have been called: ROBOBARD, BARDROID, MECHABARD, TheNewBard, BardReVamped, PatchAdamsBard, DeadPoetsBard, WhatDreamMayBard, BardOnTheHudson, BardGully , The Bread , and variants thereof.


Fan art of The Bard.

As a tribute to the recently deceased comedian, Robin Williams, Bard made an alternate account going by the name R.Williams. He also used a Mii of Williams. Many of his more recent Nintendo network IDs have also referenced films Robin Williams starred in. The Bard earned his 4th console ban on the 14th of October 2014. Many impostors came in the wake of his Miiverse death. After one of his accounts was banned when Smash 3DS came out he started a new one called joshEarnest but this account is also banned. On December 27th 2014, Bard (may or may not be real) returned to Miiverse stating that he had been watching an imposter called "The Bread" who was obviously a fake. Now he has returned, fulfilling his earlier promise to us. The Bard is back, and better than ever.

On August 11th, 2014, The Bard posted "I figured, I might make a Wii U eShop game. So I can become a verified user and not get in trouble. #MasterPlan #NoMoreAltAccounts"  

The game will be made on the Unity engine and feature him running around in grassy fields to build ROBO Bard. The game will also feature stamps hand drawn by him. This idea has become obscure for along time and may not be happening anymore.

The Rebirth

On 4/17/15, The Bard(supposedly) made his return to Miiverse after a long hiatus (Caused by a console ban) and began posting once again on The_Bard_REBIRTH. Some users have claimed this Bard is fake and that the real Bard left Miiverse years ago.


  • Although it's almost impossible to tell, Bard's Mii has a ponytail.
  • Bard's Waifu is Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • It was predicted that Bard will start posting pornographic Mario Kart 8 pics of Isabelle on May 2015, thanks to the Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8 DLC.
  • The Bard was mentioned on a Kotaku blog as seen here.
  • The Bard is a member of Swag Team.
  • On July 12, 2015, many people began report-bombing The Bard(or possibly an imposter) due to the fact that he kept on making fun of Iwata's death.
  • Some say that the real Bard hated his fanbase on Miiverse.