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Krrrrbin's mii

The Miiverse Trio is a group of three Miiverse users who do whatever they want to do. Each person here has their own page as well.


Krrrrbin is the founder and the leader of the Miiverse Trio.

Dash (MeadowStar)

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Dash's Mii.

The only female in the trio, Dash is a popular user with 200+ followers.

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DStar's Mii.


DStar is a 3DS user who has 100+ followers.

Honorary Members

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Silverpaw is another popular person with 320+ followers.

Giga Gamby

Giga Gamby is a YouTuber who posts Miiverse videos. Krrrrbin is the only one who can talk to him with the "friends only thing" but he is still accepted by Dash and DStar.

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One of Giga Gamby's older miis.


DAVIS 00 is a user who is also friends with Krrrrbin and DStar.

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DAVIS 00's Mii.