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4DR.5t wrote:

Darkwing Duckness wrote: I don't know what to think. One hand I think your decisions over the year really put you in a deserving spot for a permanent ban, along with acting like a jackass to some users. On the other hand you did fall in the sock account trap and your block was extended to infinite because of that.

Even if we wanted you back, wikia will still want you banned since its a whole rule thing. I'm working on trying to work this rule out with members of wikia, but you justified trolling in the worst ways possible. You missed your opportunity months ago in my opinion.

Your points are completely valid, but what is this missed opportunity? I haven't been here for months...

It JMurph from last night wasn't JMurph, then who was phone?

Is The Illuminati Real?

Is The Illuminati Real?

I don't know? I vaguely remember Maxxmurph creating accounts after I impersonated him nearly 5 months ago. I think he was the one who also doxxed me through a raid board.

When he figured out that I had changed my name to JMurph with his photo, he was beyond pissed. Although I don't think that picture was him, but he said it was.