Wombo Combo Video

Wombo Combo Video
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WOMBO COMBO is a meme on Miiverse and a great amount of other gaming sites that is derived from a Super Smash Bros. Melee team match featuring Zhu and Lucky VS. Tang and Silent Spectre. The crowd watching the match from the background exploded when an amazing combo pulled off by Tang and Silent Spectre against Zhu occurred. Normally the meme is used to follow utter domination or a surprising event. It also spawned "OH OOOHHH OHHH OHH! (or just OH")" Other memorable quotes from the crowd before and after the combo are "WHERE ARE YOU AT?!", "THAT AIN'T FALCO!", "HAPPY FEET!", "GET YO ASS WHOOPED!", and "MY DICK HURTS!".


The match in which the "WOMBO COMBO" phrase can be heard in was played and recorded on December 6th, 2008. The match was anticipated as the "Demise of Zhu", which is why there was such a crowd. Silent Spectre and Tang had previously made names for themselves as one of the most dynamic teams on the competitive scene. All of the hype leading up to the match was fulfilled when the famed Wombo Combo was accomplished.

The meme's popularity escalated extraordinarily quick, as after nearly a week the video was circulating to every corner of internet gaming forums just days following its YouTube video was released. Some came for the stunning combo that has been attempted numerous times afterwards but rarely perfected, yet most came for the humorous crowd reaction.

It is still used today by numerous groups of gamers, notably Nintendo fans and competitive Smash players. It's carry over to Miiverse occurred sometime after it was made available, most likely around the time trolls started to join the site, though it is not very easy to tell an exact date. Since LMR is a site used mostly by trolls and other forms of users from the original Super Smash Bros. Series Community, the "WOMBO COMBO" phrase made it onto the site from its largely meme-based population using the term.


  • Many users get banned on Miiverse for copying the whole thing
  • People mistake it as Etika saying "MY DICK HURTS"
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