Wii Fit U Community
Community Type Main Community
Launch Date October 31st, 2013
Special Attributes Unknown
Community console WiiUPlatform
Game Genre Fitness Game
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The Wii Fit U Community was where most of the Smashers posted before the Miiverse Redesign. They moved here after another incident with the Hylians. The community used to be known for its off-topic users, trolls, and the ancient practice of posting memes everywhere. During its golden ages, when a player post pops up, they usually get a lot more yeahs than the other off topic posts on this community due to their rarity, but they also got criticized by users, commenting "Eww, an on-topic post" on the post.


The WFU Community started out as an on-topic community, but soon became the Smashers new home for posting off topic. The Smashers went through many phases through out their WFU posting era.

After the Miiverse Redesign, the Smashers went back to the Zelda Community, and later to the New Super Luigi U Community. The WFU Community is currently on-topic.

Yoga Era I (November 2013 - December 2014)

The Wii Fit U community began on October 31st, 2013 in Japan, November 1st, 2013 in North America and Europe, and November 2nd, 2013 in Australia and Oceania. During this era, the posts were set by default to "Player Posts", and so, about 3-5 posts were posted per hour, and each post would get about 4-7 yeahs. However, this community had many affiliates, including the Beginner Gym, Toning Gym, as well as thousands of smaller gyms that get zero to almost zero posts, and zero yeahs on those posts. The public gym communities would also get 3-5 posts per hour, but since you had to backtrack to get to these communities, these posts generally got about 0-2 yeahs.

The Smash Era (December 2014 - July 29, 2015)

In Mid-December, 2014, Nintendo disabled the "Player Posts" function of this community, so that all posts could be seen. Soon after this change was made, the Smashers found out about this community. Due to the ongoing conflict between the Smashers and the Zelda fans, Rosaline gathered everyone to move to the Wii Fit U Community near midnight on December 23rd, 2014 after Player Posts were disabled. Off-topic posts were now the norm in this community. Several users have complained about the off-topic posts, and have protested the community. However, on-topic posts still exist. They have only gotten more common since the fall of the Yoga Era. However, this is partially because the Smashers can make jokes about this community while being on-topic. Despite of this, on-topic seems to have gotten rarer due to the fact that more than 90% of the posts in the Wii Fit U community are off-topic. This is just an illusion.

After the new Miiverse update was announced, many Smashers began to make an Exodus out of Miiverse. Most of the remaining Smashers fled to the Legend of Zelda community, due to it remaining the same as before the redesign, however some Smashers remain there.

Miiverse Cold War (February 2014 - June 22, 2015)

Ever since the Miiverse Prom in February 2014, there has been a heated rivalry between the Wii Fit U and YouTube communities. Many Wii Fit U community users were sworn enemies of the YouTube community, although some users, questioned the conflict between Wii Fit and YouTube Community users.

The user JJ and a few other users who hated off topic posts came here to post anti-Smasher-related things and tried to turn the community into an on-topic community, but this never worked out. This community was considered to be the new permanent home of off topic posting.

Drama started becoming more common in this community which had caused more and more of the old users to leave, some have gone even as far to blame the newer users. Many of the veteran Smashers have started calling some of the new users "bandwagoners", ever since then, the community had started falling into more drama and conflict.

The Splatoon Hype (May 7, 2015 - May 9, 2015)

These short days before and after the Nintendo direct--focused on Splatoon--had almost the whole community talking about it. This weekend was open on Splatoon at certain times for the demo. Splatoon art and discussions were talked about all day. Many Splatoon-related Miis, especially about Callie and Marie, appeared. Many users joined in on the fun, as even the famous Bard joined!

The Great Shift of the Wii Fit U Community (June 24, 2015)

After the update of 6/24/15 many Smashers and off-topic users were outraged and were in fear of getting banned. The update made it were if a user gets banned, all their alt accounts are banned too (or family/friends etc.). Because of this update, many WFU users considered moving to a new community. Some wanted to move to the amiibo Tap community, or just leave Miiverse entirely. Some users moved to Reddit, LMR, and some users even tried to make replacement sites for Miiverse such as Newverse and MiiWorld (However most of these replacement sites usually ended up dying or got taken down by Nintendo).

The Redesign Era (July 29, 2015 - August 2015)

Once the redesign hit Miiverse, everyone posted about the update, and some other users pulled Marioman57s as a way to escape Miiverse and the update. Everyone in the community made Majora's Mask styled posts about the upcoming end of old Miiverse.

During the first two days after the redesign (July 29-30, 2015), most of the Smashers took refuge in the Zelda Community, as it is the one of the only communities not affected by the update. Some Youtubers moved in as well, and there has not been any conflict between YTC members and Smashers as of yet. While there has been a small conflict between Hatty and Cold Midna, nothing major had happened.

The community grew emptier and emptier each hour when the last few users eventually moved to The Legend of Zelda, but then later went to the New Super Luigi U Community. 

Yoga Era II (August 2015 - Present)

The Wii Fit U Community has become almost completely on-topic again. Most Smashers and WFU users sometimes post in the drawings section of the community to make handwritten posts like "RIP WFU" or make drawings to remember the old WFU from 2015 before the Miiverse Redesign.

On-topic posts usually receive 0-5 yeahs. While popular Smashers who post in the Discussions and Drawings section receive many yeahs, some lesser known users get fewer yeahs. Popular Drawings usually have, at most, around 20 yeahs. In-game posts generally have no yeahs.

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