Wiki Rules

  • Don't vandalize stuff such as removing everything from a page, adding gibberish, etc.
  • Don't create spam pages or make spam comments.
  • Biased pages (mostly hate pages) will get deleted unless the bias stuff is removed.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed.
  • Any page or edit that is nothing but copy-pastas or gibberish will be removed.
  • Don't add stuff to pages that violate Wikia's Terms of use (ToU for short): see ToU here for more info
  • Do not replace existing images with unrelated crap.

Forum Rules

Basic stuff

  • Starting drama or pissing people off all the time can result in a block: 1 day block, 3 days block, 1 week block, 2 week block, 1 month block, 3 month block, 1 year.
  • Advertise stuff on your own thread, don't spam your ads and links all over other threads: Ignoring any warnings mods give you will be a 1 day block.
  • Don't bump threads that have been inactive for 2 weeks or longer. However Bumping 2 week old threads may be allowed as long as your commenting something relevant to the thread's topic.
  • Spamming forums and comments can result in a block: 1 day (minor spam), 3 days, 1 week (depends on how bad the spam is or how often someone breaks this rule)
  • Saying ni**er is a no no because Wikia won't let us say it.
  • Do not use alt accounts (also known as socks) to bypass a chat ban or block. Alts used for bypassing blocks and bans will get perma-blocked and your main account's ban/block might get extended.
  • Don't use alts to impersonate users (unless its a joke alt and the user gave you permission.)

Big no no stuff

  • Posting personal info about a user:
  • Posting/linking illegal, any kind of malware, or child porn: 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, Infinite. (depends on how bad it is)
  • Posting images containing nudity and porn: 1 week block
  • Posting disturbing images such as gore, weird fetish stuff, child porn, etc:

Cross-Wiki drama stuff

  • Do not use LMR to form raids on other wikias: If warnings to stop are ignored then it will result in a 1 week block, and may result in longer blocks if
  • Do not try to start drama between LMR and other wikis.
  • If there does happen to be drama or something going on with LMR and another wiki then just let the Mods and Admins handle it. Don't go to the other wiki to try and start more shit.
  • Trying to get other sites or wikis to raid LMR will be a 1 month block or longer.

Age Requirement

Users must be at least 13 years or older to join LMR. All users under the age of 13 will be banned from LMR until they turn 13.

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