"y cant metroid crawl?"
"y cant metroid crawl?"
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Y cant metroid crawl? is an infamous Miiverse post made by the user Pauly (NNID: PaulyU) The post could be found here, until he deleted it.  In this post, Pauly refers to Samus as "Metroid", as a lot of people who are new to the series do. The post was made in the Super Metroid Community, and it was made because he can't get through the narrow crevice shown in the picture. This is probably because he didn't get the Morph Ball at the beginning of the game, which can make Samus (or Metroid in this case) roll through small spaces, which wouldn't be accessible otherwise. More people in the community had this same issue, but in a different location in the game.

The post got popular after GoNintendo created a compilation of the worst posts from the Super Metroid community. The picture of all the posts was popularized by a majority of websites, like Kotaku, IGN, and BadMiiversePosts.

Pauly did eventually beat the game in 7 hours and 53 minutes, after posting several questions asking about how he can get through the game. A whole compilation of those posts can be seen here. He also calls Metroids (not to be confused with Samus) "jellyfish".

The post had reached over 1000 comments, most of them posted by Smashers, and it could no longer be commented on due to reaching the max comment limit. It also had +3000 Yeah's as of 24th September 2015.

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