Zack was a Miiverse user who is currently residing in SmashyClub. He is friends with the important users. He has an army or fangirls, all of whom have been banned several times for him. He started the #(Blank)IsMaster(Blank) Smashtag. He had two impostors, named Zack Unfair and Zack Flair. Zack Flair was a user named Dollie, but Zack Unfair was never unmasked. He bought a Wii U to meet Heropon.

He has a sister who smells like lavender.



"Hellur! I'm a big Rapidash who can talk to people who aren't mean to "Pro" Jake!"

"Zack is master best."

"You can't spell Heropon without OP."

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck you, admins."

"Smashy Club Master Race."

"If an eighth of my fangirls made an army, we could take over the world."

Smashy Club

Zack is the fourth member of the forum, and repeatedly jokes "I Am Number Four". He was an admin for a long period of time, but was deemed unfit due to fits of uncontrollable rage that resulted in people getting salty. He was removed from adminship, but still revered by many as their God.


Zack is known to be a charming, narcissistic, hilarious bro. Although emotional, he always gets the girls, except for Zoe, who constantly is just out of his reach.


Zack is known for having a massive army of fangirls who swarm Miiverse at his command. Among them are Zaily, Momo, YukiMei, and countless thousands of others that Zack doesn't care about because he's a noob.

And don't forget Hatty, his greatest fangirl.


Zack has been known to be shipped with his best friend Mike, the creator of SmashyClub forums, for Mike's feminine charm. However, he constantly throws himself at every man in sight, never losing his undying and blazing confidence.